Disaster Relief

No one could have anticipated the magnitude of destruction left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Free Will Baptists responded by giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to those devastated by the storm. Churches across the nation produced an army of volunteers to repair, rebuild, and relieve those in need along the Gulf Coast. Read more…

Katrina made it clear that Free Will Baptists needed an organized plan to channel relief efforts and supplies to victims of natural disaster. Unwilling to let another hurricane season begin without such a plan for, Keith Burden, executive secretary of the National Association; Roy Harris, executive administrator; and Ken Akers, director of Master’s Men, met  March 16, 2006, and selected a National Disaster Relief Task Force to develop a plan of action.





Chosen from seven different states, the members of the task force had a wide variety of experience in disaster relief and response. The committee was asked to serve until a national Disaster Relief Plan could be approved at the annual convention.

The task force, which included Randy Bryant (FL), Danny Conn (FL), James Cox (WV), J.L. Gore (MS), Benny Hartley (NC), John Hewett (OK), Ernie Taylor (IL), Ken Akers, Keith Burden, and Roy Harris met May 8–9, 2006, in Nashville, Tennessee, and developed a disaster response plan to present to the National Association for approval.

Delegates to the 2006 National Convention approved the plan consisting of the following:

  • Each state appoints a representative to communicate disaster-related information in the event of an emergency.
  • The Executive Office acts as a channel for collecting and distributing donations to affected areas with the help of the contact person in each state.
  • Master’s Men coordinates with local leaders to channel volunteers to assist in the efforts.

The Disaster Relief Plan extends the ability of the National Association to provide effective relief on a much larger scale. If you are interested in being a volunteer for Free Will Baptist Disaster Relief, contact us using the form below.

Since 2006, Master’s Men has been instrumental in providing relief efforts following dozens of natural disasters across the country. We hope you will join us in this vital ministry of providing help for the hurting!