Impact Outreach

What is Impact? Impact is service. Impact is fun. Impact changes lives. Over the nine-year history of the program, nearly 2,500 Free Will Baptists have participated in the one-day outreach program called Impact. Held on the Saturday preceding each year’s national convention, the program gives convention-goers an opportunity to give back to the host city.

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Obviously, when you bring 5,000+ people to a city, it makes a financial impact. But how long does that last? A week later, most people in the host city will forget about Free Will Baptists and move on to the next group. Through Impact, we can do something lasting—something that will make a difference for years to come, and in some cases, eternity.



During the first nine years, participants have cleaned off creek banks in Alabama, built a storage shed in Arkansas, worked on sheet rock in West Virginia, and helped produce a neighborhood parade and carnival. They have walked many miles, going door-to-door to share the news about Free Will Baptist churches in the area and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Sometimes, we are blessed to have an immediate response when someone accepts Christ as their Savior. But we may never know the true impact of this ministry until eternity.

And it isn’t only the city that is affected. Impact is a life-changer for participants as well. “We look forward to Impact all year,” said Marcia McCarty. Her family has participated every year, and according to Marcia, they can no longer imagine a national convention without it. “This year, we drove all night to get here and slept in the parking lot. But we didn’t miss it!”

Make plans now to participate on July 15, 2017, when Impact turns its attention to Louisville, Kentucky.


What Participants Are Saying About Impact

“Working together to get ready for Impact has been a little taste of the kingdom, with people discovering and using their gifts to reach others for Christ. A thousand people got the gospel today! It just gives you a sense of what is possible in Christ.” —Josh Provow, former pastor, Weatherford FWB Church

“Impact is just fun for the Lord!” —Amber Halleran, pastor’s wife, Weatherford FWB Church

“It has been great to get the word out, to let people know we are here. We are on a side street, and people just need to know that we have a great church here. It is just wonderful to see this many reaching out.”  —Michelle Carter (AKA “The Deacon’s Wife”), Weatherford FWB Church


Ten Years – Ten Cities

2006 – Birmingham, AL
2007 – Little Rock, AR
2008 – Charleston, WV
2009 – Cincinnati, OH
2010 – Oklahoma City, OK
2011 – Charlotte, NC
2012 – Memphis, TN
2013 – Tampa, FL
2014 – Ft. Worth, TX
2016 – Kansas City, MO

3,425 Volunteers | Thousands of lives affected | Many salvation decisions

Do YOU want to make an Impact?