Direction Bible Studies

The Direction Bible Study Series has been developed to help the student discover what the Bible says by asking questions of the biblical text. The series can be used individually or in a group. As you study what the Bible says, you will be urged to apply what you have learned to your life. We trust you will be blessed as you seek direction for your life. The studies we offer currently are listed below. Under each title are the titles of all the lessons included in the study notebook.

Download the Bible Study List in PDF format.


Armor of God

The Belt of Truth
The Breastplate of Righteousness ŸThe Shoes of Peace
The Shield of Faith
The Helmet of Salvation
The Sword of the Spirit

Become a Man Who Prays

So, What if I Don’t Pray
Jump Start Your Prayer Life
When it Doesn’t Make Sense to Pray ŸPraying on the Promises
How to Pray for the Lost
Impacting God’s Work Through Prayer

Blessed Is the Man

What is Your Delight?
The Fear Factor
Are You Trusting?
How to be Happy
Have Mercy!
Are You in Trouble?

Champions of Faith

Focus on Faith
Ordinary Men of Unordinary ŸStanding on the Promises ŸFaith for the Future
The Responses of Faith ŸVictorious Faith
Amazing Faith
The Bottom Line of Faith

Fortify Your Faith (Also available on CD w/power point)

Practice Spiritual Diligence
Cultivate a Passion for Virtue
Increasing Biblical Knowledge
Develop Temperance
Maintain Spiritual Endurance
Strive to be Godly
Demonstrate Brotherly Love
Christ’s Love

The Walk

Walk in Newness of Life
Walk in the Spirit
The Worthy Walk
The Walk of Love
Walk Circumspectly
Walk in Truth

Getting a Grip

Getting a Grip on Success
Getting a Grip on Anger
Getting a Grip on Money
Getting a Grip on Being a Husband
Getting a Grip on the Bible
Getting a Grip on Serving

Man on the Run

Don’t be a Jonah
You Can’t Run from God
How to Get Out of a Fishy Situations ŸThe Second Time Around
Revival at Nineveh
No Heart for Souls

Molded by the Master: A Biblical Look at Peter

The Starting Point
Go Deep!
Water Walking
Avoiding Alcatraz
Dirty Feet
How to Help Satan
The Comeback
Peter: The Rock

Pure Man

Battle Stations
Holy, Holy, Holy
Playing with Fire
Run Like a Man
Stop Signs
Mr. Clean
Rain Man: The Life of Elijah

Standing Against the Tide
F.R.O.G. Man
The Man God Uses
Beating the Blues
Gone to the Dogs
Failure and Faithfulness
Departing Lessons

Winning Men

The Titanic Mistake
The Model Witness
The Right Tools
Practice What You Profess
Workshop on Witnessing
Gone Fishin’

Ready to Serve – First Timothy

At the Master’s Service
How to Avoid a Shipwreck of Faith
Improving Your Prayer Life
A Woman’s Place is in the Church
What a Pastor Should Look Like
Deacons-Serving God’s Flock
How to Stay Spiritually Fit
Be an Example – Part I
Be an Example – Part II
All in the Family
The Ministry of Mercy
How to Detect a Man of God

Serious Pitfalls to Spiritual Progress

The Pitfall of Carnal Christianity
The Pitfall of Complacent Christianity
The Pitfall of Careless Christianity
The Pitfall of Compromising Christianity
The Pitfall of Conceited Christianity

Taming Life’s Lions: A Study from Daniel

Honor and Blessing
Surviving Stressful Situations
On Fire for God
How to Fix an “I” Problem
The Party Crasher
Unwavering Commitment

Ten Guidelines for a Great Life

No Other Gods
Don’t Make God Small
His Name is Wonderful
A Call to Worship
Focus on the Family
The Killer Instinct
Marriage Matters
Sticky Fingers
The Lies About Lying
The Secret Sin

A How to Manual for Christian Living, Part 1

How to be Blessed by Adversity
How to Beat Temptation
How to Benefit from the Bible
How to Make Anybody Feel Like Somebody
How to be Sure Your Faith is Real
How to Manage our Mouths

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