Membership Info

Master’s Men has two basic forms of membership:

Church Membership. Based on a twelve-month period from the month joined; every man in the church is considered a member of Master’s Men.

Annual – $200.00 | Quarterly – $50.00 | Monthly – $17.00


Individual Membership.

Annual – $20.00 (based on a 12-month period from the month joined)

Bi-annual – $30.00 (based on a 24-month period from the month joined)

Life Member – $200.00 (one-time payment ensures membership benefits for life


See the attachments below for more information, or contact us: 877-767-8039 (toll-free), 615-760-6141 (local), or email:


Membership Options


Why Individual Membership (PDF)

Membership Application (PDF)

Individual Member Form (PDF)

Membership Application (XLS)