News From Puerto Rico

News from Rick Bowling, Director of Hispanic Ministries regarding Puerto Rico:

Our people in Puerto Rico are still without electricity and water. Our church has rented a pavilion in the city park to have services every Sunday. They are also having Bible studies in the leaders homes. The services are having around 30 each Sunday. The church is strong and dedicated to get everything back to normal in Puerto Rico.

A engineer has been scheduled to come and evaluate the church campus this Friday and will have the evaluation by Saturday. This is the third time we have had this scheduled. Hopefully this will be the time that we will get results and find out how much it will cost to rebuild. There are a lot of people and companies in Puerto Rico needing the same thing. There are not enough engineers to take care of such a work load. We will continue to give updates as things progress. If you have any questions or if you would like to help Puerto Rico please call me at 615-268-8536. Please continue to pray for the people of Puerto Rico!’